Alongside our business, and to build a bridge between the paper and the design world, RAIMA created in 1990 the RAIMA’s illustration contest. Because RAIMA believes in what he does and yes, headlong into the world of design to project everywhere and promote the work of professionals in the Fine Arts in a city that is a badge of modernity, art and design.

With ten editions (the editions are biannual) and more than 4,000 participants, The RAIMA’s illustration and design contest has become one of the most important in Spain, both in number of participants and the quality of the works presented and the provision of awards (5,000 € and 2,500 € for the first second), not to mention the very great diffusion of each winning work then becomes the protagonist of 20,000 calendars collector who publishes and distributes each RAIMA in among its customers.

The theme is inspired by the works of the paper always accompanied by a "universal" subject such as cinema, science, music, etc. The technique is free, which significantly enriches participate: designers, illustrators, cartoonists, etc.

The winning work is chosen by a jury composed of professionals. Since the first edition we have sought the backing of professional groups, so even at that edition were written basis under the rules of ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations) under the supervision of one of its members founders, Mr. Amand Domenech (also founder of the Association of Graphic Designers of FAD, ADG / FAD and the Association for the Creation of the Association of Graphic Designers of Catalonia). We have the support of leading organizations in the design sector and the Fine Arts, FAD (Fostering Arts and Design) and BCD (Barcelona Centre Dissseny) and jury composed of professionals representing the various disciplines involved.

Awards are the works that have best managed to reflect the theme proposed under professional criteria of originality and artistic and technical quality of the work.

The RAIMA Group then creates and stimulates school and the stationery sector while demonstrating and cultivates the respect and the passion that feels for culture and art, acting as a launch pad for designers and illustrators.


The RAIMA calendar is published since 1990. The first four years it was commissioned a professional illustration. In 1994 came the idea of creating RAIMA constest becoming the winning images in the collector calendar that RAIMA publishes and distributes each year among his friends and clients.


It has been already 20 years since, so shy and uncertain, we convened the first edition and since then we were surprised by the great reception it had among professionals. This has encouraged us to go ahead, without effort or without the generous support of those who have accepted this as their great cultural idea. True to the tradition of award illustration that best reflects the relationship between the paper and the motif chosen for each edition. Here are the different themes and winners of the some previous editions.


The aim of the Raima Illustration and Design competition is to stimulate and promote the work and creativity of plastic artists. As well as a cash prize, winners will see their work printed on the calendar that Raima has published since 1990. Enjoy taking part!

The 12th Raima Illustration and Design Competition is open to all plastic artists, with no other limitation than that of accepting the rest of the rules that are set out as follows.

  • Entry to the competition is open and free of charge.
  • All work must be original and unpublished. Maximum two authors per piece of work are allowed.
  • No one connected to RAIMA, to the organisation of the competition or to the members of the jury may enter.

Work should reflect the relationship between “Paper and Sport”, which is the chosen theme for this year’s competition.

The prizes in the 12th RAIMA Illustration and Design Competition are:

1st Prize: 5,000 Euros
+ RAIMA 2017 calendar image

2nd Prize: 2,500 Euros
+ RAIMA 2018 calendar image

3 Runners-Up
Package of products, valued in 1,000 euros, to the finalists who finish third, forth and fifth positions.

20 finalists:
The works classed in the 6th to 25th positions will be displayed alongside the winners on the day of the prize-giving, and their creators will receive a diploma.

All prizes will be awarded.

Providing its presentation is in line with the format specified above, work may be done in any style or technique that allows photo reproduction and four-colour offset printing. The calendar will be printed on matte card.

No metallic inks, reliefs or stuck-on volumes will be accepted. The rights on the images shown in the work must be the property of the creator. In the event that the rights of a third party on these images is breached, the creator will be liable and will exempt RAIMA from all liability.

The works that best reflect the proposed subject will be favoured, and the originality and artistic and technical quality of the work will be valued, as will the suitability of the image for the RAIMA calendar.

The Jury of the 12th RAIMA Competition comprises:

  • Chairman:
    • Albert Isern: Graphic Designer, representing FAD.
  • Members:
    • Blai Carda: photographer. Project Director of Global Image Projects.
    • Carles Bayod Serafini: Doctor of Fine Arts, painter, sculptor and writer, creator of the Sensology and the Institute of Sensology.
    • Christian Inaraja: Ilustrador.
    • Claudi Martínez: Architect and Painter, Director of Criteria Arquitecthos.
    • Francesc Estorach: Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Marketing and Communication Director of Federación Española de Deportes de Montaña y Escalada.
    • Ignasi Morató: Industrial and Graphic Designer.
    • Nil Muntané: representing RAIMA.

The jury will award its verdict at a meeting which will be held behind closed doors in July of this year. This verdict will be final and winners will be informed in writing.

A maximum of two pieces of work per creator will be admitted, which must in any case be submitted separately and suitably wrapped, at the offices of RAIMA, Carrer Comtal 27, Barcelona, by 2 pm on 22 JUNE 2016.

Should the creator wish to send their work by courier or post, they do so at their own risk and will meet all expenses this entails.

It is not allowed to participate via e-mail.

The work must measure exactly 48 cm wide by 20 cm high.

In order to view the work submitted in its final setting (the calendar), and to aid in its carriage and display, work must be submitted mounted on black foam board measuring 48x48 cm. The illustration should be centered in the middle of the support.

Work submitted should have the title under which it is submitted on the reverse side of the support (top left-hand side), and a sealed envelope stuck on the top right-hand side of the same side containing the registration form. In order to ensure anonymity, the only identifying element will be the title, which should appear on the rear of the work and on the outside of the sealed envelope. No work will be accepted if it is signed or identified by any code or graphic mark.

The registration form should be completed in full. Any form submitted on which any piece of information is missing, that has corrections or that is damaged will be sufficient reason for the contestant to be disqualified. Photocopies are accepted.

All work must be submitted packaged in wrapping Kraft paper and identified with its title in the front side (top left-hand side).

Prizewinning creators who have submitted work done on a computer will have to deliver their work in computer format before receiving their prize.

The prize-giving ceremony of the 12th RAIMA Illustration and Design Competition will be held in September 2016. The exact day and time will be confirmed.

The work of the 25 finalists will be exhibited at RAIMA on the days following the prize-giving ceremony.

Works that have not been awarded a prize will be available to their creators one week after the end of the exhibition and until 30 days later, at the offices of RAIMA from Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 8 pm. In order to collect their work, the creator will have to submit the receipt that RAIMA gave them at the time of entering the competition or show their National Identity Document. All participants will receive accurate information on dates by e-mail.

Any work that has not been removed after the established period will be destroyed.

Under no circumstances will RAIMA send any work by post or courier to the creator's home address.

With the awarding of the first and second prize, RAIMA acquires the public exhibition rights of the two prizewinning works. The works will be exhibited in the RAIMA foyer along with the winners of previous competitions.

Similarly, RAIMA has the right to the public display of all the other works selected once the final verdict of the jury has been made public and within a period of no greater than sixty days as of that date.

With the awarding of the first and second prize, RAIMA also acquires the reproduction rights of the prizewinning works for the forthcoming editions of the RAIMA Calendar - with the limit of one sole edition per work - which will consist of 18,000 copies each and which will be distributed with no commercial value. For the formalisation of this assignment, the parties undertake to sign the publishing contract that RAIMA has drawn up and which is available to all contestants.

RAIMA may also reproduce these works on the occasion of the present or future promotion of the competition, but at all times with express mention of the name of the creator.

For their use in any other application, RAIMA undertakes to request the authorisation of the creator and, in any event, to agree on the remuneration that is appropriate at the time as royalties. The creator may not make any commercial use of the prizewinning image, except for those that are for their own professional promotion, and in any event mentioning the prize awarded. Any other application will have to be agreed by mutual accord between the creator and RAIMA.

In any event, the contract that is signed between the parties will prevail over the provisions of these rules.

The organisers will treat the works submitted with the utmost care and respect. However, they will not be held liable for any damages caused at the exhibition or in storage.

The mere submission of the work for the competition implies the firm acceptance of these rules.


With more than 400 participants in the last year, and more than 4,000 participants as a whole, the RAIMA established itself as the largest twice-yearly meeting of the state for the artists, both in number of participants and the quality of the works presented and the provision of awards (5,000 € for the first and 2,500 € for the second), not to mention the very great diffusion of each winning work then becomes the protagonist of the calendar collector that RAIMA publishes and distributes each year among his friends and clients.


Award 2014, awarded by the Generalitat of Cataluña to the best commercial initiative in innovation.